Every process of change must begin in the organization in which it is being carried out, it must have a clear end and some measures that allow us to know if it is progressing towards them. These changes also have to be fortified through a process of consolidation suitable for the people who form a part of it.

Metaplacement will personally accompany you during the consolidation and acceleration of the organization’s change and transformation process.




Knowing, reliably, from where we start allows us to design processes of organizational change that maximize the chances of success. Persona Metaplacement puts diagnostic tools of different complexities and with different objectives, at the disposition of the organisation.



Real change resides in the perspective with which people face new organizational processes. Persona Metaplacement® develops programmes of transformation and adaptation to change in multiple areas of the organisation .



Changes are made when moving from a present setting to a final one, an objective is pursued, and development and implementation strategies are proposed for this purpose. People should also understand the process of determining these strategies, why some and not others? and then adapt to the objectives. Persona Metaplacement® makes a program available to the organization which allows people to understand the entire process of determining objectives and strategies in an interdisciplinary way and generating emotionally aligned teams.